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Traditional Cache Jardines de Murillo, Sevilla. by belillo + talika + inita :-)) (1,5/1,5)
N37° 22.945  W5° 59.298 (WGS84)
UTM  30S   E 235419  N 4141488
Use waypoint: GCN927
Size: Micro Micro    Hidden on 25-3-2005
In Andalucía, Spain
bug (This cache may contain travel bugs)
Atomic Man (ref = TB64EA)
Difficulty:  1,5 out of 5   Terrain:  1,5 out of 5

Lugar encantador para mi gusto.

Hubiera sido mejor los jardines del Alcázar, pero hay que pagar.

Contenido del caché:

Una cajita que hemos preparado con un lápiz del ikea y las hojas para logear.

Espero que disfruteis....

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Current at 30-6-2009

Found it 14-6-2009 by Sternenkriegerin
After logging this cache, it was hard to get up from the cool bench, but seeing the beautiful Plaza Espana (just a few walking minutes away) was really worth going out into the heat again. Thank you for this nice pause!

Found it 14-6-2009 by geo_tom
When the weather is so heat, a break on a park bench in the shadow is always welcome. Especially if there's a cache nearby. :-))))

Found it 13-6-2009 by hinnak
We found the cache in a good timme, but we had a little bit of trouble with some muggles! We hope, nobody had seen the end of this logging! 12:35! Hinnak!

Found it 12-6-2009 by Harryshappy
Was an easy catch. After diner with good friends. H&H. 21.05

Found it 10-5-2009 by Gwundrig
Found it easily
#222 Log: 16:10

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Hints (Back)
Muy cerca de una de las puertas de la entrada laterales.
Buscad un árbol con un hueco...